My recovery has gone much better than I expected.

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Dr. Wagner replaced my hip in January 2019. The care I received from he and his staff (as well as Providence Hospital) was exceptional. I lead a very active lifestyle and I spent considerable time researching surgeons and options for hip replacement. I decided to go to Dr. Wagner rather than pursue the local options in Eugene. I am so happy with my choice. Dr. Wagner was willing to spend the time to personally answer my detailed questions before the surgery. His staff was also very responsive throughout the process. By any measure, the surgery was extremely successful. The procedure and hospital stay could not have been better. My recovery has gone much better than I expected. At 3 months after the surgery I am back to normal activity levels. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr Wagner has been very encouraging. I went into the process with a high level of anxiety. I am grateful for the job Dr. Wagner did on my hip replacement and the efforts of all involved to make the experience a positive one.

Michael S

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